Tea Tree Essential Oil Anti-wrinkle Acne Removal Scars Treatment (10ML)


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100% Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil Anti-wrinkle Extract Acne Removal Scars Treatment Massage Oils Organic

Net weight: 10ml
Package: 1 x Okeny’s tea tree essential oil
Reduce inflammation,  remove acne,  fade-out acne scars
Extract the essence of plants, the texture is mild and delicate, easy to absorb
Fragrant fragrance, it is a pleasant mood
Product Efficacy :
Contains tea tree extract, let skin to absorb moisture and nutrition, conditioning skin, delicate skin tight,
maintain skin moisture balance, improve skin roughness caused by lack of moisture dryness, improve
skin hydration, restores skin elasticity, leaving skin rosy glow glossy, supple meticulous charming glory
  Multiple uses :  
(1) Face Care
1-3 drops into the foam cleanser, water, lotion, cream, facial mask to use
(2) Hair Care
5 drops into the water to wash your hair, or drop into the shampoo and conditioner to used in or directly to
massage the scalp
(3) Body Care
Bubble bath, or add to the foot bath water, or add body lotion to massage body
(4) Environmental Care
It can be as perfume spray in the environment, make the air fragrant.
Not for oral use. Careful use of pregnant women. Avoid sunlight, avoid water, keep it at normal temperature. Please keep it
where children can’t touch it. It is recommended to be tested after use of the ear, and if there is discomfort, stop using it

Brand Name:
Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil
Country/Region of Manufacture: CHINA
Certification: GZZZ
Ingredient: tea tree oil
Model Number: tea tree oil
Certificate Number: tea tree oil essential
effect: Shrink pores, acne, moisturize, massage, control oil
Suitable for skin type: General purpose
net weight: 10 (g/ml)
Have a licensable private label: Yes
Whether cross-border supply: Yes
Effect 1: Tee tree oil for face treament
Effect 2: Brighten,moisturize
Effect 3: Anti-Aging,anti wrinkle
Effect 4: Acne removel
Effect 5: spotless skin brightening oil

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 10.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 cm


Essential Oil Type

Compound Essential Oil

Model Number

tea tree oil



Brand Name




Certificate Number

tea tree oil essential

net weight

10 (g/ml)


tea tree oil


Shrink pores- acne- moisturize- massage- control oil

Have a licensable private label


Effect 2


Effect 1

Tee tree oil for face treament

Country/Region of Manufacture


Whether cross-border supply


Effect 4

Acne removel

Effect 3

Anti-Aging-anti wrinkle

Suitable for skin type

General purpose

Effect 5

spotless skin brightening oil


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